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The electronic and R&B scenes are undoubtedly the most changing at the moment. Seth XVI stands at the crossroads of these two genres. The producer and singer born in Lyon will release his first EP “Symbolic” on April 21 with DDM Recordings. A project which gathers all the contrasts of his musical universe.

But the strength of Seth XVI lies in his singing. His introspective texts explore human emotions and inner landscapes. Artists such as Chet Faker or James Blake have shown him the need to make the public enter the singular universe of his musical cocoon. This is the symbolic of this EP: inviting the listener in his sound world to experiment change.

Multi-instrumentalist and self-taught, he finds his references in Solange, Bon Iver, Childish Gambino or even Fela Kuti and Toumani Diabaté. Although his music is globally western oriented, it is also deeply enriched with more remote rhythmics: African and zouk grooves provide “Symbolic” with an extra singularity.

According to him, electronic music becomes meaningful when combined with organic elements. His voice obviously but also his piano and his guitar are central in his compositions. And technology, if it is stamped with human composes a coherent whole. That’s when Seth XVI puts up a smokescreen, samples his voice, skilfully tampers with it for the chorus until we wonder if this is a different singer.

This reflection takes on its full meaning when he is playing live. The pieces of “Symbolic” are a framework but he lets ample space to improvisation and to human. Instantaneous ideas determined by his interaction with the public, with those who have accepted to enter his cocoon. There is no question of pressing a button and singing lip-synch. Seth is a musician and so he plays.